Retro TV Adds More Classic Serials to DOCTOR WHO

​Chattanooga, Tenn., (July 12, 2017) – Retro TV, America’s home to the most complete library of classic Doctor Who available on broadcast television, adds more serials from the classic era to its repertoire, through a deal with BBC Worldwide North America.

“We’ve been proud to offer the nation the biggest source of classic Doctor Who stories available on broadcast TV, and beginning this autumn, we’re introducing even more. These stories, featuring the First, Second, Third and Fourth Doctors are classic tales that showcase the history and quality of this seminal series at its best,” said Matthew Golden, Vice President of Programming. “Between our current library and the addition of these new episodes, Retro TV will continue bringing the good Doctor, his companions and his adventures in the TARDIS to our viewers for the years to come.”

The additional serials include: “The Aztecs,” a First Doctor cautionary historical story of the dangers of changing the past; “Meglos,” featuring a cactus-like doppelganger of the Fourth Doctor; “Spearhead From Space,” the Third Doctor’s debut adventure and the first story of the series to be filmed and presented in color; and a trio of Second Doctor tales: “The Tomb of the Cybermen,” featuring the early incarnations of one of the Doctor’s most fearsome foes; “The Seeds of Death,” an eerie tale of the Second Doctor’s battle with the original inhabitants of Mars, the Ice Warriors; and “The War Games,” the epic 10-part saga that results in the Second Doctor’s regeneration.

Classic Doctor Who follows the Doctor, an alien Time Lord who faces a variety of foes while travelling through time and space in his iconic blue police box, the TARDIS. Retro TV showcases the series’ classic run, featuring the first seven incarnations of the Doctor: William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy.

Now in its 54th year, Doctor Who, a BBC production distributed by BBC Worldwide North America, holds the Guinness Book of World Records’ title as the longest-running science fiction television show in the world.

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