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KKAF Fayetteville, AR, USA

Channel 30.3

WEDE Chicago, IL, USA

Channel 34.2

WOFT Orlando, FL, USA

Channel 8.2

WQMK Cusseta, AL, USA

Channel 18.1

KRTX San Antonio, TX, USA

Channel 20.2

KSDI Fresno, CA, USA

Channel 33.4

WTNG Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

Channel 33.4

WPTG Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Channel 69.3

K21GN Alexandria, MN, USA

Channel 21.5

WNGS Greenville, SC, USA

Channel 50.2

K04QX Butte, MT, United States

Channel 4.2

WGVT Gainesville, FL

Channel 26.1

KCPO Sioux Falls, SD

Channel 26.3

WUFX Tallahassee, FL

Channel 38.1

W43BR Baraboo, WI

Channel 43.1

KOHC Oklahoma City, OK

Channel 45.3

W16DO Cleveland, OH

Channel 16.1

KBEH Los Angeles, CA

Channel 63.3
Cox (Orange County) Channel 817 Charter/Spectrum Channel 1293
Frontier FIOS Pomona Channel 469

KSMI Wichita, KS

Channel 30.1
AT&T U-Verse Channel 51

KDGL Sublette, KS

Channel 23.1

KBAX Twin Falls, ID

Channel 27.1
Project Mutual Telephone Channel 16

WROB Topeka, KS

Channel 25.9

WFXU Jasper, FL

Channel 48.1
Channel 38.1

WPXS St Louis, MO

Channel 13.2

KDTL St louis, MO

Channel 16.1

KRFT Springfield, MO

Channel 8.1

K26LM Libby, WA

Channel 12.1

KVHC San Antonio, TX

Channel 15

KUTO Logan, UT

Channel 15.3

KMTI Manti, UT

Channel 8.1
Manti Telephone Channel 22
South/Central Telephone Channel 23

KRPC Rapid City, SD

Channel 33.2

WARZ Raleigh, NC

Channel 34.1
Time Warner-Garner/Selma Cable Channel 5 and 1232
Charter Communications Channel 15 and 94

WUWT Union City, KY

Channel 26.1

WGBS Norfolk, VA

Channel 7.1

WRTN Nashville, TN

Channel 6.2

WAXC Montgomery, AL

Channel 31.1

WAAO Andalusia, AL

Channel 40.1

KMJD Kalispell, mt

Channel 34.1

WEYW Key West, FL

Channel 19.2

WBII Memphis, TN

Channel 20.2

KGNG Las Vegas, NV

Channel 47.4
CenturyLink Prism TV Channel 24

KCKS Kansas City, KS

Channel 25.9

WQXT Jacksonville, FL

Channel 22.1

WMJN Huntsville, AL

Channel 29.2

KKAI Honolulu, HI

Channel 50.1

WASV Asheville, NC

Channel 50.2

WTMH New Bern, NC

Channel 21.3

K18BN / K31NS Great Falls, MT

Channel 18.1

WLLA Grand Rapids, MI

Channel 64.3

KCPM Grand Forks, ND

Channel 27.3

WYYW Evansville, IN

Channel 15.1

KDAO Des Moines, IA

Channel 45
Mediacom Channel 12
Mediacom Channel 121.15
Heart of Iowa Telecom Channel 6
Patner Communications Channel 12

W34BJ Bruce, MS

Channel 34.2

W07BN Tupelo, MS

Channel 7.2

KGEC Redding, CA

Channel 26.1
Charter Redding Channel 94

WKSY Summerville, GA

Channel 21.2
Charter Cable Channel 185

WOOT Chattanooga, TN

Channel 6.2

Spring City Cable Channel 32

Trenton Telephone Channel 32

Chickamauga Telephone Channel 21

WZTS Huntington, WV

Channel 16.1

WHJC Charleston, WV

Channel 27.1

WBXZ Buffalo, NY

Channel 56.2

KRID Boise, ID

Channel 22.8

KQHD Billings, MT

Channel 43.1

WEXZ Bangor, ME

Channel 13.1

KYNM Santa Fe, NM

Channel 21.3

K26CI Albuquerque, NM

Channel 27.5

WIVX Loudonville, OH, United States
WIVN Port Washington, OH, United States

Channel 29.3

WIVM Canton, OH, United States

Channel 39.3
MCTV Cable Canton, OH Digital Channel 129

KHDT Lookout Mountain, Jefferson County, CO

Channel 16.1

K32EY Dove Creek, CO

Channel 27.5

WYBN Schenectady, NY

Channel 14.6

WHNE Detroit, MI, United States

Channel 14.7

K38IZ Prescott, AZ

Channel 38.6

WEQT Atlanta, GA

Channel 9.3

WFMZ Philadelphia, PA

Channel 69.4
Verizon FIOS 480
Service Electric Cable-Lehigh Valley Ch. 108
Birdsboro Ch. 102
RCN-Philadelphia Ch. 25
Lehigh Valley Ch. 27

KVVB Victorville, CA

Channel 33.2